Thursday, 18 May 2017

Gothic Manor pt 7

It's good to step back from a build, take a good look and try to imagine what you want it to look like when it's done. It's so easy to add either too much detail or too little and then regret it after the paint hits the wood.

I've tried to balance each decorative element so that it didn't overwhelm the building. Starting at the top, I added a plain trim to make a band of decoration which contains the laser cut panels. The panels will be painted to look like stone tracery and hopefully, will blend into the stone effect (?) I'm going to use to cover the building.

Crappy, dimly lit photos to follow -

I used the same plain trim to make the window mullions by gluing them back to back. This was a happy accident as they fit perfectly. I'd love to say that all of my builds are planned to prefection but sometimes, well actually often solutions appear out of necessity and pure luck.

The glass isn't in there yet but will sit between the two window frames after they are painted. I can't decide if the glass should be leaded, plain or stained 😕
Next step, I laser cut different widths of the arch, different widths of stripwood and stacked them together to make a 'stepped' design.

I added plain trim to the base, just to finish the edge of the wood. Again, this will look like stone when I paint it.

Looking at the pictures, I think I need to make something circular for the central peak to balance out the porthole windows. I also have to bite the bullet and try to sculpt a corbel stone to put between the door frame and oriel window support because it just looks unfinished. Maybe some finials too? Ugh, I can't decide 😕

In real time I'm just a little bit further on with the project than my posts and I still have quite a few decisions to make before I can head inside. What do you think? Too much? Not enough? Anyone want to finish it for me? 😄

Wishing you all a lovely weekend
Pepper :0)